No Gimmicks or Hard-and-Fast Rules


I’ve become the kind of person who looks forward to going to the gym!


In just 12 weeks:
lost 17.4 lbs, lost 6.5" off waist, lost 6.2% BF
BMI dropped 4.5 points!






I've never been happy with my weight. Even at my most in-shape (prior to coming to Rebirth) in high school, I never felt strong or healthy or confident. Over the years I'd tried a number of different diets and workout regimens and, unsurprisingly, nothing ever worked. I found myself in a balance between constantly wanting to do better, and just accepting that "not quite content" was my normal.

I found Rebirth Body Transformation Center mostly by accident. I'd recently given up meat and wanted to make sure I had a healthy protein, and messing around in a Google search brought me to their website. The program looked interesting and promising, but maybe a little more than I wanted to spend when I was sure I'd fail again. But by the end of the night I'd sent an email looking for more information and had set up a consultation to sit down and talk with Sheena for a few minutes — and frankly it could not have been more worth it.

Rebirth’s philosophy is built on making you stronger and more confident while not focusing a lot on what you may be doing wrong — just how to shift into being more healthy.

The strength training portion is challenging while never feeling daunting or impossible. And the trainers make it more than tolerable, they make it fun with encouragement and gentle corrections and by being your friend. Going to my workouts (I went in at 7AM and I am not a morning person) never felt like a chore. I was happy to be going. I liked the crew and I liked knowing that every week I was closer to my goals.

Sheena reminded me often of where I had started and how far I had come and made sure that I never forgot to be proud of myself.

She was always pushing me to get better, lift more and have fun. When I found myself off track, Sheena was there to tell me that it was fine and how to get back on track or with a list of exercises I didn't need gym equipment for. I completed the 3 month program twice and have made more progress than I could have hoped for.

My pants size is below where it was in high school, I am so much stronger than a year ago, and I've become the kind of person who looks forward to going to the gym. It feels weird when I go more than a day or two without getting a good workout in. In short, I highly recommend seeing Sheena, and everyone, at Rebirth Transformation Center. The results are real, lasting and all you. There were no gimmicks or hard-and-fast rules or complete dietary re-hauls or life alterations.

They'll guide you to be a stronger, healthier version of yourself.


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