Learn to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


Learn sustainable eating habits, make exercise a lifestyle, gain confidence


In just 12 weeks:
lost 47.4 lbs, lost 7" off waist, BMI dropped 7.3 pts






When Silvia came to Rebirth Body Transformation Center she had a very specific goal. She needed to lose weight and lower her BMI. As is the case with a lot of our clients, Silvia’s time was consumed by her demanding job.

Together, we found a realistic schedule and routine, that would allow her to spend more time preparing foods and getting in her weekly workouts. With much determination, she has been able to consistently watch the scale drop, and make tremendous strides toward total health during wellness.

With Mike’s guidance, encouragement and expertise I was able to accomplish the goal we had set and continue to work toward getting healthier.

Silvia’s weight and her BMI continue to drop and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Keep up the great work!


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