Living a Balanced Life

Meet Carin, Nurse Practitioner


Moving forward & looking back

Meet Carin, the Queen of Gradual Intelligent Habit Changing!

Carin’s Fitness Story


I began working with Rebirth around New Years, and it's been an incredible journey. Like many people it felt like the right time to make changes in my life, get back to a steady exercise routine and finally figure out how to manage my diet.

As a Nurse Practitioner with a background in Exercise Science, I just needed to find a way to put my knowledge into action.

I wanted expert support

Year after year I continued to be overweight, sedentary and unhappy with my lack of motivation. Honestly, as the Co-Chair of the the Wellness Committee at my hospital, I wasn’t demonstrating many habits that contribute to wellness.


Your body changes when you change your mind


I wanted more than to simply lose weight, I wanted to live a holistically healthier life.

A friend was working with Rebirth and had great results in only 6 weeks! I thought “These are the results I want!”


I just had to show up.

Every week, through personal training and small group training I learn how to improve my strength, endurance, flexibility and am empowered to be in control of my food choices. Daily messages from my trainer Mike with feedback on my diet choices provide the support that I needed to be successful!

I began with the 12 week program, I knew I could at least do 12 weeks.

After the 12 week program, I felt my body shifting. I had more confidence, and way more energy. Once the 12 weeks was over, I knew I had to keep moving forward. I continue to work with the crew at Rebirth and see changes in my habits, my life and my body, and we keep establishing new goals. Living a healthy, balanced life is a moving target, and I’m happy to have found the support I need from Rebirth.

Thank you to Mike and Julian for building a program that is deeply individualized, supportive, and challenging!

Meet Jenn, she is changing her body just like Carin!

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Craving accountability ?

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