Easy Weight Loss


Pain-free weight loss


In just 6 weeks:
lost 19.2 lbs, lost 2.75" off waist, lost 2.5% BF






After I hit my early 40's I knew something had to change. I'd spent over two decades dealing with a ton of health problems related to chronic injuries to my back, hip, and spine. It had affected my quality of life for my entire adult life. Every time I tried to start a serious exercise, wellness, or nutrition program I crashed with yet another injury, unrealized expectations, or just plain burnout. Based on several recommendations -- and my hitting a weight I never dreamed possible -- I started training with Julian at Rebirth in November 2014.

Within 6 weeks I’d lost 19.2 pounds, 2.75 inches off my waist, and 2.5% percent body fat. My biceps increased an inch, without a single curl. The unbelievable part? It was easy. And I truly mean easy.

I'm a lazy ex-chef that cooks serious food every day with a sedentary technology job. I'm not a crossfit-cycling-triathlete-gym type. If it required hard physical effort I'd usually avoid it because I'd always end up injured. But Julian made transforming myself enjoyable: starting with accountable nutrition that did *not* require counting calories, expensive supplements, gallons of "shakes," insane regimen, or burdening others with odd food restrictions. There were no limits to how much I could eat. No gimmicks, math, or hours of prep. In fact, I had problems eating enough because I was so full all of the time. This, from a guy that reads cookbooks at nearly every meal, every day.

Workouts were designed specifically for me, my challenges, my body, and my unique limitations. I was never sore. Tired? You bet. But never sore. I'm sure everyone's gone to the gym and worked out with that "jacked" friend or aggressive trainer and then couldn't move for a week. I used to absolutely dread going to past trainers. Always too much, too soon, with little thought or direction on proper form. Not so with Julian. Form is everything. At first I was frustrated at first at how light the workouts seemed. "It can't be this easy, he's just pitying me," I kept thinking. I kept waiting for the "MAX REPS, BRO!!" approach that simply never came. I just enjoyed (really) workouts designed around what my body could do, without any judgement, and no aggressive pushing. It's incredible and my beat-up old body changed very rapidly because of it. Much more rapidly than I ever expected, in fact.

The truly best thing is it's only taken me six weeks to enjoy the process and look forward to challenging myself instead of dreading exercise. I always envied my friends that loved the gym and benefited from it. I think I just needed the right guidance, plan, support, expertise, and environment to understand how that feels. I've found it here with Julian, and I'm looking forward to finally being able to say, without irony, "I'm in the best damn shape of my life!".


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