Lasting Change Begins with a Plan

failure to plan is planning to fail


Begin again, but begin better.


Maybe you've been through this before —
you start with hope and ambition.

This time will be different. This time you'll reach your goal and stay there.

Then something gets in the way, the wheels come off — often times barely even notice you're heading off track until it's too late.


Look, change is hard.
Sustained change is harder.


We become ambivalent. We want to change, but we also don’t, or on some level are uncomfortable with the true possibility of change.

That's why most people have such a hard time making changes that they know are necessary. KEY Factors like knowledge, lifestyle structure, environment, and motivation all have a big impact on one’s success.

Compound that with all of the different opinions on what to eat, what not to eat, the best way to exercise — it's not surprising that most of of our clients when they come to us have no idea where to start, or where to start again.


The most crucial first step is having an informed, strategic plan.

That is where the Rebirth Body Transformation Center Evaluation comes into play.

It’s a critical piece of our clients' successes. Not only is it a chance for our clients to see our studio, meet our coaches, and learn about how our proven science-based system would work for them individually, but it’s also a chance for us as coaches to evaluate where the client is currently, provide them with insight and feedback, and help them see their path toward success.

Get Started!


I remember clicking the 'Learn More' button and nearly running away from my phone. I remember Julian calling me that same day, sharing his philosophy and inquiring about my background and goals. I remember warning him that I might cry during my initial evaluation. Rebirth works by getting to know how you tick, and providing you the support you need. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make in the most important asset you have.

- Stephanie, Rebirth Member


How It Works

Make Your Appointment & Come to the Studio

During your Initial Evaluation, we cover your medical and exercise history. We identify what variables need to be taken into consideration when designing the intensity of your program. We get to know you, what has tripped you up in the past, what motivates you and what sustains your attention.

Data, Data, Data: Get Yours!

We collect your starting data like circumference measurements, body fat percentage, and — most importantly — identify your lean muscle mass (which is one of the main factors that dictates how many calories that you burn throughout the day).


Lean Muscle Mass Matters

Knowing your lean muscle mass when starting your program is a piece of information that many fitness regimens do not identify. This alone is worth its weight in motivation gold.


Your Functional Movement Screening

You will also be taken through a 7-point functional movement screening to identify any movement imbalance that may be causing you aches and pains, or may indicate a potential injury coming down the road. We give you daily mobility, stability, and flexibility exercises to help correct some of these imbalances. This helps us design your most efficient personalized workouts.


Tell us how you live & we'll design the perfect plan.

From there, we dive into lifestyle and motivation science. This is what we do best. Combining habit change and motivation science with smart exercise programming and customized nutrition is the magic recipe that allows for our clients to achieve the results that they do.

We'll get real, we'll get honest...
...and then we'll get real honest. ;)

We discuss what has and has not worked for you in the past, and try to find common trends that may be roadblocks toward your consistency. We learn what your current nutrition looks like, and what your likes and dislikes are.


Our goal is to help you create the ideal plan for you, with our professional guidance. If you are in the drivers seat, being autonomous, that will help you create life-lasting changes.

- Julian, Rebirth Founder


We're different: You drive, we co-pilot.

Telling you what to do, how many calories to eat, etc. is easy. We focus on being autonomy-supportive, which means we guide you to be the co-creator of your roadmap. We just put it all together for you.

In essence, this evaluation allows you to ensure that you feel comfortable with us, and learn a little bit about where you currently are, while we gather all of the information that we need to design your ideal plan.


At Rebirth we take your bio-individuality into account, and create a program that allows you to shed unneeded weight without shocking the system into fight or flight. This sets the stage for sustainable weight loss that is the result of eating more nourishing foods, with workouts that are appropriate for your metabolism and fitness level.

- Julian, Rebirth Founder


When you decide to take the leap, we have everything ready for your first session.

Many of our clients feel that this evaluation is exactly the thing that they need to learn about themselves, and start off on the right foot!

If you are ready to identify that first step, come see us for an evaluation, and we will help you create the momentum you need to change your body and your life!


Ready to hit the ground running?

Tell us about yourself, and get ready for a seismic approach.

Take the first step.