Recovery Through Fitness


Overcoming Injury with Patience and Care



Julian has played a massive role in the vast improvement I'm seeing in my strength and fitness as a competitive runner. I came to Julian with a serious hamstring injury and he has managed to not just complement, but enhance and expedite my recovery and rehab process.

Instead of throwing on the weights, Julian helped me start a healthy strength regime by having me return to basic, core balance and stabilization movements on two feet. He was always respectful of my doctor's suggestions or orders, and he never scheduled sessions with me if he thought it would compromise my overall health (if I was overtired, etc.)

From there, over the course of several months, he has helped me progress through endurance-focused workouts now into performance-focused workouts.

I'd highly recommend Julian to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, whether that's for body image or for performance; he is extremely qualified to help you reach healthy goals.

With Julian's help I went from barely running several continuous miles to completing my first 20 mile race, and now returning back to my middle distance training and racing.


Does Victoria’s story sound familiar?

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