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Keep Trying, Keep Trying, Keep Trying

Give yourself another chance, sometimes one more try is all you need.


At around age 12 I was fortunate to discover that I had a serious passion for soccer. I also discovered I wasn’t a naturally gifted athlete. I was slightly overweight as a child and sports helped me overcome weight issues. Just before the age of 13 I broke away from town leagues and tried out for more competitive club teams. I failed to make the cut for the first 3 teams I attempted. Upset and determined, I practiced virtually every possible moment. With love, passion, and patience, I was able to enhance my skills and fitness level and 3 years later I began to play for top level teams and even played soccer at the collegiate level.

Team sports helped me cultivate a balanced body and mind. My passion for activity and movement led me to study at Salem State University, where I graduated with my B.S in Exercise Science.

I understand what it is to struggle, and to work hard to develop skills that don’t come naturally. Believe me, it takes time. Success comes from failing over and over until you finally get it. Patience with yourself and commitment are essential and the results are certainly worth the effort, when you finally achieve what you set out for.


Prior to attending the university, I knew very little about proper training and nutrition other than what I came across reading magazines or getting some tips from coaches. I only started lifting weights at the end of college. I wish I had the guidance and information to have known how beneficial weight lifting would have been for my development growing up, but it is never too late to acquire a new skill and new passion, especially one that will lead to a better, more balanced life.

I have worked for over 5 years with a large range of clients, from 8 years old to 70 plus. I know how to work with different personalities and skill levels and am committed to creating a program that you’ll genuinely love and that actually works for you.

When we work together, you will challenge yourself, but you’ll also laugh and have fun. Training shouldn’t be something you resent or dread. It’s my job to help you find a method that is effective in achieving results and gets you up in the morning excited to go another round.

Collaboration is Key

We will work together as a team to discover what expert training and nutrition methods work best for you. I will help you transform your habits, you body and your attitude. You’ll develop the tools you need to consistently make the choices that set the stage for you to live more of your true potential.

When you train with Justin at Rebirth, you get way more than just a workout!

Each Client Receives:

  • a customized nutrition plan

  • sample menus

  • daily food log

  • strength and cardio workouts to do on your own

  • stretching and corrective routines

  • and unlimited support between sessions


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