Meet the Founder, Julian

Two Decades of Body-Transforming Experience

I’ve been there too.

I grew up the short and fat kid. I was always scared and insecure. By the time I was 18 my weight had skyrocketed, and I was clinically obese. I had exercised occasionally but didn’t know how to take charge of my weight. My family is obese. They have suffered from cardiac events, debilitating arthritis, diabetes, surgeries and emotional disorders; all the direct result of poor exercise and nutritional choices. I have had a front row seat watching how leading an unhealthy life can effect lives.

I’ve been through this process too.


Here’s us with kiddo #1

Life was simpler then…

I decided to commit my life to change and reinvention. I got a job at the local gym working the front desk. While there, I enrolled in a personal training course to learn how to shift my eating and exercise habits. It was a full immersion. I took a yearlong cooking course at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and this certification enables me to teach my clients how to make healthy cooking fun, easy and delicious. I became a certified personal trainer at 19 yrs old (2001).

Over the next 9 months I lost 52 lbs. Rehabbing from a severe overuse injury solidified my understanding of the importance of lifestyle balance. It was a deeply humbling and illuminating struggle that has allowed my coaching to become rooted in experience, and not conjecture. My body and my mind remember what this vulnerability felt like, and I can get you through it.

This isn't my first Rodeo


You deserve to have some fun during transitions…

Here we are #adulting

With 20 years of professional experience, I have hired, managed, developed and trained over 100 personal trainers. I teach personal trainers how to design workout programs, connect and coach clients, and how to better build their businesses.

By focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each client, I am able to help identify the unique variables that will help that individual transform their body. Change requires a structured plan that meets each person’s specific needs. Depending on your age, experience, lifestyle, body and blood type, family ancestry, I can design a tailored program that is thorough and comprehensive. This enables each client with the tools and resources needed to transform their lives.

Each client receives:

  • a nutrition plan

  • sample menus

  • daily food log

  • strength and cardio workouts to do on their own

  • stretching and corrective routines

  • and unlimited support between sessions

You matter

I am a personal trainer. I am an educator. I am a coach, and I am relentless. Other gyms do not hold you accountable — you get lost in the shuffle. Without yelling or shaming you, I am here to push you. I emphasize gradual, safe, sustainable change. I am 100% committed to each of my clients.

So, we’re gonna be friends, ok?


Most of all, I am a friend. In these roles, I design personalized exercise and nutritional programs to help people lead healthier, happier lives. I chose this career because this is my way of giving back to the world. To be of service, one person at a time is a blessing. I am grateful for the opportunity to positively impact lives. By developing deep connections with my clients I am able to help create behavioral changes that will help you transform your body sustainably for the rest of your life.


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  • NASM Special Populations

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Institute

  • Nutritional Specialist, AASDN

  • AFAA Group Exercise Certification

  • Certified KettleBell Instructor, KBC

  • Functional Movement Screening & Exercise Progression

  • Advanced Movement Screening & Corrective Exercise Progression

Specialty Areas

  • Body Transformation (weight loss and muscle gain)

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Postural Corrections

  • Post-rehab

  • Kettlebell Training

  • Lifestyle change

  • Group Exercise

  • Bare Essential Exercise (limited to no equipment)


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