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Progress, Not Perfection

Fitness has always come naturally to me, although I never followed the traditional "athletic" path. I didn’t play on any sports teams growing up, I was more of a free spirit but even so - I was always extremely active. There wasn’t a pick up basketball or football game you could keep me out of. I also spent a great deal of my time skateboarding.

After high school I began working construction and learned to truly appreciate hard work. During this time I discovered that I had a passion for weight-lifting. After two years of dedication and commitment to the gym I went from 150lbs to 170lbs. I felt like this type of training and physical transformation was something I could see myself fascilitating for the rest of my life. I enrolled in NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) and after 6 months of fulltime classes I was ready to begin my career as CPT.


Over the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of training a variety of people with different fitness & weight loss goals. I’ve worked with clients living with different injuries & conditions. People coming from different backgrounds, body-types & walks of life. I understand success is no easy task, but I am committed to fighting with you every step of the way. Results can never be given, but together we can draw a map and I'll get you to your finish line.

Perfection is Overrated, Stead Progression is the Key.

I am fully committed to helping you make regular, measurable achievements. Consistency and dedication are the root of your success. With the right combination of motivation, focus, support & consistent attention, we can change your body and your life.

Whether it is increasing your overall fitness, weight loss, or rehabilitative training: I am with you, committed to your progress every step of the way.

Each Client Receives:

  • a customized nutrition plan

  • sample menus

  • daily food log

  • strength and cardio workouts to do on your own

  • stretching and corrective routines

  • and unlimited support between sessions


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There's no time like the present to transform your body and your life.

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