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3 Expectations That You Need to Manage for Success!


How many diets have you tried?

How many times have you started a new diet or exercise regimen just to stop a few days or weeks in?

How many times have you said, “This time I mean it!” and only to ask “Where was my resolve” a few days later once you sniffed a cookie.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. This is common. Change is really hard!

While there are many reasons as to why things may not have worked out for you in the past, one thing that we educate our clients on is unrealistic expectations.

Managing expectations is critical to long-term, sustainable success and keeping a positive mindset.

Here are our top 3 expectations that you need to manage if you want to succeed in changing your body and lifestyle habits.


1) What Realistic Results Are

The Biggest Loser has done a number on our psyche. Those people that lose 10 pounds in a week put it back on. Period.

Notice how they never do extended reunion shows? Exactly!

The diets that force major caloric restriction while working out like a maniac will also result in a rebound.


  1. Low calorie intake combined with high workout volume will eat away at your muscle tissue (the base of your metabolism) causing you to slow down your metabolism in the long run.

  2. The body will also adapt to what you eat and your workouts. It needs to be sustainable. If you set the low calorie intake as the expectation for your body, once you bring more back in you WILL rebound and put the weight back on.

That said, what is realistic weight loss?

If you are following a whole food based diet with a slight caloric reduction, you should be able to expect 2-3% loss in body weight the 1st week, then 1% loss in body weight every week there after.

The reason why you can expect more the first week as inflammation(water retention) comes down.

Slow, consistent weight loss is the most sustainable.

If you want a better understanding of what goes into the number on the scale, and why the scale is not as important as you may think, this is a great article to read.


2) That Success is Linear

2 steps forward, 1 step back, 2 steps forward.

You must get out of your head that success is a straight line. It’s not. It’s a squiggly line, that goes up, down, around, and in circles.

Why? Because success is about the journey (I read that in a self-help book somewhere along the way).

The issue is that most people see taking a step backwards as a failure and jump ship. This is very unhealthy thinking. It’s essentially like cutting off your finger because you have an ingrown nail.

The action step that is important when you realize that your decisions do not match your goal, is to identify something that a process oriented goal (not results oriented) and is 90-100% in your control, and do that.

This is critical because you need to refocus your thoughts and energy on something that is empowering to start moving the needle back in the right direction.

I like to explain this as a spectrum. On one side you feel like you are “In the Zone”, and on the other side you feel like you have lost all control. They are both essentially the same thing, with one small difference.

Being motivated and being “In the Zone” is essentially a mindset that is created when a person have been presented with a bunch of situations, and came through feeling successful.

Feeling like you have lost control is essentially the same thing, but instead of feeling successful, the person feels unsuccessful and they just can’t do it.

Neither one is truly factually accurate. They are essentially feelings that the person either feels competent, like they can do the thing, or feels incompetent, like they can’t do the thing.

That is why identifying 1 thing that you can control restarts the process, moving the needle in the right direction.


3) That You Can Do It Alone

We are social animals. We are not meant to isolate. Period.

Fun Fact: Evolutionarily, before the agricultural revolution, we only lived in groups of about 150 people. This allowed everyone to know each other. The group raised the children collectively. Everyone had a job and purpose.

With health and fitness, it’s unbelievably common for people to keep their struggles to themselves. This generally causes people to feel like they are alone on an island.

This is not only unhelpful, but it is extremely demotivating.

Why? Well, we are shaped by our environment and community.

When others around us are positive, it’s easier for us to be positive. When others are eating healthy options, it’s easier to make the healthy decision.

The place where many people go wrong is that they make the decision to get on the healthy train, and expect their spouses, children, family members to change too, only to realize that is not always the most successful strategy.

People change in their own time, and if it’s pushed down their throat, or if it’s not truly their decision, they can push back.

Finding a professional coach, and a group of already self-motivated individuals is a much more successful strategy.

We recommend having both.

Get a qualified, and certified personal trainer that will discuss fitness and nutrition with you, while also having a community to be part of is the secret in the sauce. It truly works. We see it every day here at Rebirth Body Transformation Center.

SO, here are your 3 tips:

  1. Know what realistic changes are

  2. Pick 1 thing that is in your control and knock it out of the park

  3. Get a coach, and a group to support you

Good news: you've already taken action!!! So, there's that ; )

We look forward to helping you have your healthiest year yet!


PS… if you are interested in some great home workouts, here is our 21 day indoor body weight bootcamp.

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