Genetic Testing for Weight Loss 


Know for a fact what kind of training, foods & habits are best for your body. Measure, Don't Guess.

We are in the data age. Everyone wants information. The truly successful people looking to transform their bodies and elevate their training not only gather data, but know how to use it.

While the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry has been claiming to have the latest crazes that will solve all of your problems, the answers are, and always have been, right inside your DNA the whole time.

Your genetic makeup holds the key to unlocking your true potential to lose weight and maximize your time while exercising.


What does the test deliver? 


Understanding which foods most affect your metabolism

You'll get a clear understanding of the types of foods that support weight loss, and the food (healthy or not) that may slow your body transformation efforts.


Measure your insulin sensitivity, and get a customized approach to your ideal nutrition & training plan

This data will give you a solid understanding of the exact types of training that will lead to weight loss, via improved insulin sensitivity. Our expert trainers will be able to translate your results into actionable steps & and an effective training plan.


Know decisively what the smartest type of training is for your body & optimize your time!

More weight, or more reps? Does your body respond best to cardio, heavy weights or HIIT? Here's how to know the most efficient way to train for your body to see results quickly!


I have been on every diet known to man. I went to Rebirth and they taught me what I should be eating for my body type. Not only have I lost weight and inches, but I gained so much knowledge about how the body works. These are not cookie cutter trainers where everyone gets the same diet and workout, Rebirth tailors programming completely to you, based on your unique body!

- Anna, Rebirth Client



How Does Genetic Testing Help You Get Healthier, Faster?

Your Genes Determine:

1. If your body is resistant to weight loss
Several large studies have shown that people that carried certain “unfavorable” pairs of these genes lost weight with diet and exercise, but tended to lose less weight compared to other participants, and were likely to regain the weight. Genes: FTO, TCF7L2, MTNR1B, PPAG, BDNF, ABCB11

2. How much body fat you can lose through cardio exercise
These genes have been shown to have significant associations with a person’s ability to lose fat from a regular program of cardio exercise. Understanding these genes will help to give you appropriate volume and intensity recommendations for your exercise regimen. Genes: ADRB2, LPL


3. How your body responds to strength training
These genes have all been shown to have significant associations with a person’s ability to improve their body composition and decrease their body fat percentage from resistance training. People with a more “favorable” genotype in large studies experienced an improved ability to lose weight and reduce their body fat percentage, while those with “unfavorable” genotypes showed a decreased ability to lose weight. Understanding your genetic makeup will help to identify the proper volume, frequency, and intensity of your resistance training program.


4. How sensitive your body is to the amount of
a. Carbohydrates: IRS1
b. Protein: FTO

Understanding your genetic makeup in relationship to these genes will help you to understand what macro nutrient is optimal for you. For example, the IRS1 gene is associated with one’s insulin sensitivity.


Trying to change your body composition?


Studies show that understanding these genes can help us identify if higher or lower carbohydrate intake is effective for weight loss.

5. How well your body is able to effectively absorb folate (a B-complex vitamin)
Genes: MTHFR

Folate (Vitamin B-9) plays many important roles in the body, including acting as a coenzyme in DNA creation and in energy metabolism reactions. The MTHFR gene has been shown to have significant associations with a person’s folate status.


So what do you do with this information?

Adopting a diet or exercise regimen without understanding your specific genotype is essentially guessing. This does not mean that you will not see results, but being armed with this knowledge can empower you to optimize results. At Rebirth, we are 100% dedicated to helping you live a healthy life through intelligent training programs that are informed by cold, hard data. No one customizes their programs like us, and we are one of only a handful of training centers in New England that offer this battery of testing coupled with training, consultation & complete support.

Ready to optimize your training results?