Create a Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyle


Learn to build a foundation of strength training & nutritional moderation.

Lost 12.6 pounds in 12 weeks
Lost 4.1% body fat
Lost 2 points on BMI
Lost 8” off waist


"Before coming to Rebirth I was about 25-30 pounds overweight and had no real focus when it came to the way I ate and exercised. I had just reached 40 and decided it was time for a change. I needed to think about the long term and how I could sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Justin and Rebirth introduced me to one of the most sustainable and realistic programs I've ever attempted. It wasn't about losing weight super fast, though I was successful pretty early on.






I learned to change my way of thinking when it came to food and the nutrition program was surprisingly a lot easier than I expected. After about 2 weeks I no longer craved sugary foods, or much junk food at all for that matter. It was also nice to know that there was flexibility with how I ate and exercised without the pressure of being perfect all the time.

I ended up losing 25 pounds and 4.5% body fat in the first 12 weeks. Now into my 5th month, he's helped me stay committed and focused on strength training and making healthy choices. It might feel good to look better, but it's nothing compared to feeling great !"


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