The 28 Day Reboot


Recalibrate your nutrition. Re-set your metabolism. Re-imagine your body.

28 Days. $199.

In 28 Days You Can Redesign Your Life.

At Rebirth we prize gradual, measurable & strategic progress. We measure & record your numbers because nothing is more motivating than seeing the results of your effort pay off. Having a true, holistic and honest picture of your current health & fitness level enables us to deliver a custom, laser-focused program that is going to do nothing less than change your life.

We're conveniently located in the heart of Wakefield.


Our methods go beyond the workout and straight to the heart of your habits.

At Rebirth, we get to know you — what motivates, and what inspires you. And in 28 days, you will see measurable, inspiring changes in your body and your life. You'll establish new healthful habits that you actually enjoy, and gain a transformed outlook on your potential.

Start Your 28 Day Transformation for Just $199