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Client Stories


Gradual, Intelligent Evolution

Carin lost weight and changed to healthy habits!

"I wanted more than to simply lose weight, I wanted to live a holistically healthier life."

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Lost 90 Lbs!

Jon wanted to lose weight to gain confidence


Jon lost 65 pounds through personal training


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Easy Weight Loss

Cappy found a workout plan he could stick with, that didn't hurt!'

"The best thing is it's only taken me six weeks and I look forward to challenging myself instead of dreading exercise."

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No gimmicks or hard-and-fast rules

Meg found the right balance of fitness and nutrition to succeed in her health goals.


Meg looks forward to going to the gym!


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I was scared, and I did it anyway.

Stephanie lost over 72 pounds with Justin's help

"Look, no one thing works for everybody (nor every body). But Rebirth isn’t “one thing”. It’s whatever you need it to be. Do it for you. You deserve this!"

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Easy, Rapid Results

The plan for me was simple, direct and easy to follow. It just works.

"Julian's approach addresses the mind and the body"

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Found her nutrition solution

Anna needed a custom plan


Julian got Anna on track for a serious change with a custom-tailored program


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Recovery through Fitness

Victoria recovered from her hamstring injury with Julian's personal training

"Julian has managed to not just complement, but enhance and expedite my recovery"

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