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What is Rebirth?

Rebirth Body Transformation Center provides cutting edge fitness and nutrition coaching to help you navigate the greatest transformation of your life. We simply offer the best in personal training with a friendly, affordable, holistic approach. Emphasizing accessibility and sustainability, we are continually committed to you and your wellness goals.

How are we different?

Here at Rebirth we specialize in individualized programming that keeps your bio-individuality in mind, allowing you to progress rapidly and steadily. Why is change so hard? There's no shame in saying that your emotional brain drives your decisions when it comes to food and exercise.

Julian is a personal trainer with 13 years experience

"The real success is knowing what you need help with, and asking for it."

Julian, Rebirth Founder

What works for you will be different than what works for someone else. Internal characteristics of humans are every bit as variable as our external characteristics.

Did you know that there have been 19 different anatomical designs of the human stomach discovered? This means that there is an enormous difference in their chemical makeup of stomach digestive juices. The more you understand the human body the harder it is to accept a cookie-cutter fitness & nutrition program.

The body also needs consistent movement and progression to respond and adapt at an optimal speed. It's called the Law of Neuroplasticity.

Dynamic personal training, coupled with our engaging group interval training and nutritional counseling lay the groundwork for a potent and lasting transformation. We look at your whole life, and support your health universally, compassionately and efficiently.

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Losing weight, gaining confidence

Jon wanted to lose weight to gain confidence


Jon lost 65 pounds through personal training


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